Education System in Azerbaijan - An Overview

In the pre soviet era, Azerbaijani children were introduced to Islamic religious training since early childhood. This education started when a child attained the age of 5 and continued until the age of 20. During 17th and 18th centuries several  madrasas were established as a separate institution of learning. The first technical high school and first women’s high school were established in Baku city in 1865. Later, secular elementary schools started to flourish in the late 19th century. Most of the Azerbaijani children received no education at all during this period. The literacy rate was very low and lowest among women, as only few women were allowed to attend schools.

During Soviet rule, the level of education in Azerbaijan rose significantly. According to soviet data released in 1970, 100 percent males and females aged between 9 to 49 years were educated. During the Russian era, the language of instruction was Russian at large however, its use started to decline 1988 onwards.

At present. Azerbaijan has more than 5,000 secondary schools. The study duration is 11 years, primary schooling is from 1 to 4 year, and incomplete secondary education until 9 years.  However, it is estimated that more than 100,000 Azerbaijani children leave secondary schools each year.

Azerbaijan has a number of schools to provide higher and technical education. In 1991, there were 105,000 enrollment in higher education and technical education. As a matter of fact, most of the Azerbaijanis earn technical education, as Azerbaijan is industry driven economy.
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